U10: 10 or fewer attempts at chapters, prologues, or scene tests
10: 10 to 20 attempts
O20: 20 or more attempts
00: All drafts have been thrown out, corrupted, or are have an unknown status


Most Recent Update: 9 January 2021


Title: Sevens (House Osborn 1.5) [O20, including a summary of the entire book]

Protagonist: Ophelia—this is an “alongside” story that happened during Ophelia.

Cover Ideas: it’s a virus story, so I have to avoid the usual hazard symbols that appear on such covers. Other than that, I don’t know.

Problem: finding the right place to start the story is a pain in the ass. I had more build-up than excitement.

Notes: Ophelia retcon/reboot is dead, but I’m still changing her story and tweaking ideas as I go along.

Verdict: VERY alive!

Title: potential Early One Morning revision (would retain the same title) [U10]

Protagonist: Julia Severide

Cover ideas: probably the same cover

Problem: I’m not sure I need it and there are other projects ahead of it.

Notes: if I go ahead with it, it’s going to focus more on Pontius Pilatus and it’s probably going to get steamier.

Verdict: wait and see.

Title: A Wren in the Willow [00]

Protagonist: none — this will be my next poetry anthology, but with essays and short stories this time

Cover ideas: DONE! It was returned to me on January 8 and probably just needs tweaking.

Problem: I never seem to want to work on the essays and short stories. (I had to really, really push myself to put things together for Barefoot.)

Notes: rated 00 because an anthology doesn’t have a manuscript so much as different pieces assembled to make a whole

Verdict: someday!

Declared Dead Since Last Update

  • Ophelia: between copyright violations and being my first novel, it was a mess. [Time of Death: December 2020]
  • Ophelia reboot: I’m completely done with that storyline. [ToD: maybe November 2020?]
  • The Devil’s Bride: still more dead than alive [ToD unknown]